COM 546: Communication through Digital Media and Networks

Course Description:

The connectivity revolution created by the internet and mobile devices is changing the way humans interact, the way our professions and industries are organized, and the political face of the planet. The struggle to be heard is fierce, but being heard is no longer enough; successful engagement is often a deliberate interplay among the conveyance of relevant content, strategic listening, and dynamic conversation. Measurement also plays a key role in this equation, which helps to justify the effort and investment made in how we communicate, and determining how we can effectively sustain valuable relationships once we do connect. Ultimately, this new ecosystem supported by digital technologies, is challenging traditional social structures and institutional organizations, placing a higher premium on sometimes less formal, though often more powerful communities and networks. In this course, we will consider what it means to communicate through the creation of compelling content, in order to build and inspire the communities and networks necessary to engage during this historic time of chaos and change.

Student Testimonial:

“COM 546 is less like a class, and more like an awakening. Yes, there’s reading, assignments, and group projects, but more than anything, your eyes will be opened to the creative possibilities of the digital communication frontier, and the awesome talent and work-ethic of your classmates. The idea that powerful, authentic storytelling still has a place in the digital communication age was something that stuck with me. I had a hard time thinking about digital media as anything other than targeted banner ads, and learned through class all the exciting, compelling, authentic, and original ways organizations are leveraging storytelling to connect with communities, and bring people together around brands and causes. Brent and Hanson go above and beyond in this class. Diving headfirst into a bleeding edge program is a huge, scary commitment, but you’ll never feel anything less than fully supported by the instructors, and the program at large.”

Ilona IdlisCOM 546: Communication through Digital Media and Networks
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