COM 592: Contextual Storytelling: Defining Best Practices for the Internet of Things

Course Description:

Real-time predictive content delivery is here, and the world is becoming an online network. The physical world of objects and locations is becoming an important interactive channel on par with PC, tablet and smartphones. Embedded sensors in devices, objects and locations now permit storytellers and community managers to design interactive experiences that anticipate an end-user’s expectations, and then proactively deliver the right content and services at the right time at the right place and in the right amount. The need to define frameworks for how we tell stories and manage communities for persuasion and influence must adapt when the whole world becomes an interactive desktop. Students involved in this Independent Study will directly impact research and practice for the evolving discipline of contextual storytelling. Accordingly, students will be recognized by Communication Leadership and presented to the larger community as cutting edge researchers and practitioners.
Class Meets: The class will meet for 3 formal sessions in the first week, on Saturday Sept 27th, and then the following week, and then meetings will be set up by the group. There will be 2-3 Saturday sessions and evening sessions throughout the quarter.
Prerequisites: Ideal student candidates should be in their second or third quarter in the MCCN or MCDM program. Having prior project management and/or user experience (UX) design or content strategy is a plus, but is not a requirement. The instructors seek out students who are open and ready to experiment effectively as a team.

Ilona IdlisCOM 592: Contextual Storytelling: Defining Best Practices for the Internet of Things
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