COM 592: Integrated Advocacy: a Multichannel Method to Achieve Social Change

Course Description:

Today’s leaders are confronted with an increasingly rich landscape of advocacy possibilities. Parallel to this challenge, decision-makers and influential bodies are bombarded with waves of messaging. Integrated advocacy is a method of communicating advocacy efforts through multiple channels of community-building, narrative, policy change, public education, and litigation.  This model requires strategic, innovative thinking and reflection through a process of defining the problem, organizational capacity, building stories around goals and solutions, targets, and then flowing from that foundation, advocacy tactics. In this course, students will learn persuasive communication, engagement methods, and how to pack a punch with an advocacy campaign.  Students will engage with the integrated advocacy method, learn the intricacies of reaching decision-makers, and incorporate legal and ethical considerations into powerful messages across platforms.  This is a hands-on, practical course.  You will develop aspects of an integrated advocacy campaign, either in collaboration with an organization or by crafting on your own.  Guest speakers with experience spearheading campaigns will serve as guides throughout the quarter.  The course will culminate with a panel evaluating your work and providing expert feedback.

Ilona IdlisCOM 592: Integrated Advocacy: a Multichannel Method to Achieve Social Change
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