COM 597: Advanced User Research and UX Strategies

Course Description:

What makes interactive experiences compelling and how are they designed? This course analyzes existing interfaces, discussing what makes them effective, and provides an overview of tools and theories that guide user experience designers in their practice. Students will be introduced to information architecture (wireframes, sitemaps), information design (information graphics) and visual design (composition, typography, composition, color) and encouraged to apply their learning towards practical design assignments. Our focus is on computer interfaces but is not limited to its traditional “keyboard/mouse/monitor” triangle, as we will also discuss innovative consumer products such as Kinect. The course “Foundational User Centered Design” will provide good foundation for discussion in this class but is not required. A basic understanding of Adobe Creative Suite software, CSS or Visio is helpful, but not necessary for success in this course.

Student Testimonial:

“Jason Levine’s Interactivity Design: Practice class was a great follow-up to the Interactivity Design: Usability class. It provided a strong overview of the theories of information architecture and information design. The final project was a culmination of the skills learned over the duration of the quarter. The weekly assignments provided an effective way to learn the components taught in the class – including Discovery, User Studies, Information Architecture, and User Experience Design. In fact, our group was able to create portfolio-worthy deliverables. Typically, the class started with lecture and discussion, followed by discussion of the weekly assignments, followed by team collaboration time. In addition, the readings and occasional guest lecturers provided additional invaluable insight into the field. This format allowed for a pleasant and productive learning environment, despite the seemingly arduous 4-hour class session. I enjoyed the class so much, I plan to pursue further study and work in the field.”

Ilona IdlisCOM 597: Advanced User Research and UX Strategies
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