COM 597: Community and Media

Course Description:

Whether we realize it or not, each of us is a member of several distinct “communities” in which we participate with others around us every day. As a broad range of communications practitioners, entrepreneurs, amateurs (and even journalists) crafting messages, sharing stories and reaching out to 21st century audiences and customers, the ability to create community through media is more important than ever, and a deep understanding of this phenomenon is critical to mastering the skills necessary to become communications leaders. “Community and Media” is designed to give students deep knowledge and understanding of the context and history of how communications has helped grow, strengthen and create local, regional and national communities from the 1920s to the present and beyond. How did early radio reinvent culture and politics? How did regional differences shape local TV programming? How did public radio and TV foreshadow Internet culture? How are traditional media outlets reinventing themselves? How is “content” being created and shared broadly across many communities, both online and offline? These are some of the questions we’ll cover. However, this class is not simply a look back to the past or merely a theoretical exercise. We’ll also learn practical, hands-on methods and strategies from contemporary communications professionals and other business people who are navigating profound changes to the technology, economics, architecture and even the social consciousness of the modern landscape. We’ll also hear how journalists, entrepreneurs and others are preparing for a sometimes uncertain—but always exciting—future of community and media.

Ilona IdlisCOM 597: Community and Media
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