COM 597: Internet Law, Privacy, and Data Breaches

Course Description:

A robust understanding of internet law, data breaches, and privacy is necessary for any professional who wishes to lead by managing people, systems, and change. Cyber security and customer privacy are some of the most important legal issues of our age. Indeed, today’s laws often restrict, shape, or enable communication within organizations, networks, systems, and communities. Therefore, it is essential for leaders to understand our contemporary legal environment and how it impacts their organizations. This course explores the laws that impact community building and communication in a technical age. We will utilize case studies to explore common scenarios surrounding internet law, privacy, and data breaches. Importantly, we will utilize these case studies and real-world scenarios to show how these laws also impact communication to users, clients, customers, constituencies, partner businesses, or governmental partners. Ultimately, this course will teach you how to begin analyzing and structuring your organization’s response to ever-growing issues surrounding privacy, data security, and internet law generally.

Ilona IdlisCOM 597: Internet Law, Privacy, and Data Breaches
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