COM 597: Navigating Privacy Issues in Communication Contexts

Course Description:

Privacy is one of the most urgent and yet confounding issues facing media producers and consumers. We are experiencing an ever-greater need to be “privacy literate,” but “privacy” in the culture of technology has a limited and selective relationship to “privacy” as most online audiences experience it. As reports of security breaches and questionable surveillance policies flood public awareness, professionals are learning how governments and businesses influence the way individuals and organizations work, plan, and communicate. As such, this is more than a technology issue: it’s also fundamentally a communication issue. In this course, we begin by building up a background in historical and scholarly approaches to privacy. This allows us to sharpen our skills in evaluating and applying privacy frameworks to the content we produce. As the course develops, we’ll work through exercises exploring various themes and concepts, such as the evolving meanings of public and private, official and commercial ethics, benefits and dangers of transparency, and values-centered design. All of this work will be geared toward a final project that allows you to demonstrate your thinking and argue effectively for a distinctive and pragmatic approach, all in the context of your own professional work.

Ilona IdlisCOM 597: Navigating Privacy Issues in Communication Contexts
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