COM 597: Programming and Data Science for Social Media

Course Description:

This course will introduce basic programming and data science tools to give students the skills to use data to answer questions about social media and online communities. The class will cover the basics of the Python programming language, an introduction to web APIs including APIs from Wikipedia and Twitter, and will teach basic tools and techniques for data analysis and visualization. As part of the class, participants will learn to write software in Python to collect data from web APIs and process that data to produce numbers, hypothesis tests, tables, and graphical visualizations that answer questions like: Are new contributors in Wikipedia this year sticking around longer or contributing more than people who joined last year? Who are the most active or influential users of a particular Twitter hashtag? Are people who join through a Wikipedia outreach event staying involved? How do they compare to people who decide to join the project outside of the event? The class will be built around student-designed independent projects and is targeted at students with absolutely no previous programming experience.

Ilona IdlisCOM 597: Programming and Data Science for Social Media
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