COM 597: Story-Based Marketing: Using the Power of Story to Achieve Business Success

Course Description:

How is it that in Hollywood, politics and business, those who tell the best story win, yet many leaders view storytelling as “fluffy” and “artsy?” And with more ways to communicate than ever, why are most marketers getting worse at it instead of better? The fact is that as the communication landscape changes at a breakneck pace, the ancient art of storytelling is more important than ever. Leaders cannot afford to ignore STORY as the engine to achieve success. This course will combine theory and practice to heighten your sensitivity to great business storytelling, to identify what works and what doesn’t and why, and then to put your learning to the test with an actual client. In the first half of the course, we will learn the essentials of exemplary story-based marketing, analyze specific brands successfully harnessing story and hear from speakers in the marketing and storytelling realm. In the latter half of the quarter, the class will be briefed by a real company with a real business challenge, then break into marketing teams to create a story-based plan designed to achieve the brand’s business objective. The course will culminate with your team’s presentation of your concept to the client. Story-based marketing is the new frontier and this class will equip you to pioneer the wilderness. This class is ideal for students who enjoy lively discussion of marketing cases and also wish to go beyond philosophy into a real world story-based marketing experience.

Ilona IdlisCOM 597: Story-Based Marketing: Using the Power of Story to Achieve Business Success
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