The Beginning

The beginning challenges the creator. She confronts the blank paper, the uncarved stone, or the empty canvas. As Aristotle tells us in his classic work on storytelling, Poetics, “a whole is that which has a beginning, middle, and end.” What will our story be? How will it begin? At this point, we don’t know but we invite you to be a part of it. This is a site dedicated to the art of storytelling through digital media and here we are at the beginning.

New, effective, and inexpensive technology is providing an opportunity for ordinary people to tell compelling stories. For many years, storytelling has been dominated by mass media and large publishing companies. This is changing. For examples of this change, look to examples like YouTube ( or a list of storytelling resources like the one found here: With this shift in technology we have the opportunity to return to the earliest days of storytelling and share what is most important to us as humans, the stories that engage us in our daily struggles to live and understand our world. Today there is an opportunity for virtually anyone to tell a great story to millions of people around the world.

The Master of Communication program in Digital Media at the University of Washington invites you to join us in the study of this old and honored art in this new and changing venue. During this academic quarter we will be working with simple video cameras that are available to everyone, the Flip Video Camera ( We have access to expensive, high end digital equipment but for this study, we are using the kind of equipment that is available to anyone. We want to examine the possibility of telling a great story using affordable equipment.

Our theme is transformation. Join us as we create our story. Help us to fill-in our beginning, middle, and end. We look forward to your comments and participation.

FlipTheMediaThe Beginning
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