Failure to Communicate?

Posted by Hanson Hosein: In this digital media era, “communication” is all the rage, especially because there are so many more of us doing it. That’s why this Storytelling class is so important — so fundamental — to our MCDM program. For there is no more effective manner of communication than through a compelling story.

But even once we get past the smoke and mirrors of technology and the Internet, there’s an even more fundamental component. And that’s writing. Yet another justification for why I’m going to be introducing serious writing components into every course I offer at the UW. I have found, for the most part, that our writing skills are good, but not great.

Which is why today’s article in the Puget Sound Business Journal on how communications programs in the state need to refocus is so intriguing. Here are some of the core findings:

– “business people who hire communication alumni say some of the grads applying for jobs lack strong writing skills”

– “there hasn’t been much growth in the number of traditional media jobs available. However, there are growing opportunities in media and communication roles for the web and within organization” (echoing my belief that every company now is in the digital media business).

– “[there’s nothing] more current than digital media and having a digital media program.”

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