Flip the Media lives on!

Now that the quarter has ended Flip the Media is just getting started! Hanson hits the road to New Orleans tomorrow with John Liston and Kirk Mastin assisting him in the making of his sequel. They will be blogging here on flipthemedia.com and on independentamericafilm.com.

This is a great live example of a media flip. Hanson a former NBC journalist reinvented himself as an independent film maker and does his production and distribution on his own. John and Kirk will help us tell his story as part of our Flip the Media project.

Also, six of us are taking an independent study where we plan to build on the great work accomplished this quarter. Here are some of our ideas and we would love to get some input from you.

(1) Put together the films and documenting the learning experience from this class.

(2) Pursue distribution opportunities through developing a viral campaign

(3) Create new content related to the way media is flipping. We want to continue exploring this story from different points of view (such as the public) and perhaps find more journalist examples

(4) Conduct our own mini- seminar. We’re putting together a reading list to complete during the next quarter and we will document our discussions in mini videos or blog posts. Any reading suggestions?

(5) Producing more how-to content to help people with their stories.

For producing the content we would like to experiment using other consumer technology like cell phone cameras and other hand-held/point & shoot cameras (we may even use Barbie Polaroids). Please post any suggestions you may have for technology — as long as it’s affordable consumer technology.

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adminFlip the Media lives on!
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