Sequel: What I Learned from You

Posted by Hanson Hosein: As my students know, I’m about to hit the road tomorrow (with two of them, who’ll be blogging in this space) to shoot the sequel to my documentary, Independent America. That film was a useful teaching tool in our storytelling class this winter, as it promoted the notion of using strong narrative, and “just doing it” — going out to shoot the story you want to tell, instead of waiting for someone in mainstream media to validate your idea beforehand.

Collaborating with my students has also allowed me to refine my thoughts about story, and examine how others consume media today. So I believe that Independent America: Rise from Ruin will be an entirely different film, thanks to my newfound perspective. I’m proud of what they achieved in this class, and I’ve been only too happy to share it with others, including in a presentation to the entire Communications staff at the Gates Foundation yesterday. So keep watching this blog for news from the road, and also more content from the six students who are continuing on with me into the Spring to bring more to the craft of digital storytelling.

Independent America Press Release

adminSequel: What I Learned from You
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