Putting it all together

The Multimedia Storytelling class Part II will be working more on how to compile these videos together, but for now, I thought you might like to see the order they were meant to be in. We envisioned a series of stories that would explore the changing media landscape, beginning with traditional media, transitioning to citizen journalism and even experimenting with our own user-generated content. The videos were all filmed using inexpensive Flip cameras.

#1. KOMO4 News: Step into the life of KOMO4 reporter Mark Miller as he gathers the news of the day beginning at 3:30 a.m.

[update coming soon]

#2. Steve Ringman from Seattle Times: Photographer Steve Ringman strives to stay on top of technology in a rapidly changing environment.

#3. West Seattle Blog: This mother and professional blogger – and her family – have created a popular hyperlocal news site.

#4. Ross Reynolds at KUOW: A professional radio show host gives his take on citizen journalism and changes in media.

#5. To Catch a Marathon: What is user-generated content and what does it look like? Four students set out to film their own user-generated content at the Birch Bay Marathon.

adminPutting it all together
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