Hanson’s Week 3 Recap & Links

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Ok, not a scintillating post title, but you students are the star attraction here, not me.

A Top Blogger Sees an End to Blogging: the novelty of CEO’s “blogging” will end. They’ll just “communicate.”

How We Use Twitter for Journalism: “use of Twitter so far has included: the discovery of breaking stories, quality assurance, and the promotion of our work.”

Great Minute Papers, you all clearly enjoyed our speaker, Scott Ehrlich:

Government needs to acknowledge that the power of institutions — has suffered a shift to the power of the people.

I don’t know what Web 3.0 will be, but I think it will be applied to search online.

The era of transparency is coming.

Utility drives the business of the web. A truer word was never said.

I don’t believe we are in an echo chamber. I think we are ahead, in the experimentation phase, where we are able to define how social media is used by the 50% (currently inactive) people.

I want to be like Scott when I grow up! (He’s proof that people can predict the future — he has clear ideas about what people want and don’t want).

I liked the idea of “utility” — put content where consumers keep visiting — i.e. banking, travel, weather.

It is determined. The new Tragedy of the Commons is time and attention span. I agree, we have reached a point where there are just too many applications.

Great speaker. Why is it that the visionaries never stick around the corporation after the founding? The rest of us get stuck maintaining and incrementally improving the flagships, fighting the execs that weren’t bright enough to move on. Maybe I should Twitter as “bitter?

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