Flip the Baby

As a newly minted father, independent filmmaker, and director of a digital media program I would of course take advantage of every social media tool available to declare the birth of my new daughter far and wide.

So Harper Rose got paparazzi’d by her father within the first second of her time on this planet: HD video as she emerged from her brave mom (edited and distributed to immediate family members within 2 hours). He used Twitter liberally for updates, Facebook to share photos.

He took his first image of Rose with a Nokia E61i cameraphone, which he distributed via SMS. Within 15 minutes of the birth, he had e-mailed a high-resolution photograph taken with a Pentax SLR to everyone he could think of with his sleep-addled brain. An hour ago, he once again abused his hospital’s free wi-fi signal to conduct a Skype video call with his brother in London, using his Macbook’s camera to show off the baby on numerous occasions (hope the glow from the 17″ inch screen didn’t blind her).

Do you feel sorry for this already media-soaked infant? Me too.

Posted by: Hanson Hosein

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