Nokia: Upstanding Citizen of Flipland

Good faith confession: I’m partially motivated to post this as an incentive to MCDM Advisory Board member, Nokia’s Peter Wakim to join us in class later this month.

I’ve been keen to include Nokia in the MCDM’s growth as I’m a big fan of their technology, and their multimedia prowess.

Peter sent me this link to its Nokia Trends Lab, “pushing the boundaries by using mobility to aid in the creative process.”

It goes hand-in-hand with Nokia recruiting Spike Lee to shoot a feature film on a mobile handset, as well as the company’s sponsorship of the amazing Pangea Day on May 10th (a festival we had been aiming for during our winter storytelling class, but our editorial content didn’t quite fit the “change the world” theme).

We like to embrace that kind of innovative thinking at the MCDM — now come and do another guest lecture with us Peter!

Posted by: Hanson

adminNokia: Upstanding Citizen of Flipland
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