The Flip gets a makeover

Posted by Hanson Hosein

Last week, I confirmed with Pure Digital that it was going to release a new camera this week (and they promised to send me one).

The details are now out: the Flip Video Mino.

I love the new size. But I’m disappointed by the loss of the AA battery power supply (it’s now a rechargeable battery). It makes it less of a utilitarian, all-purpose camera. More importantly, it remains to be seen whether Flip has improved the microphone on this new version. To many of us at the MCDM, that has been the greatest shortcoming of the Flip. I’ve heard better audio (with similar picture quality) from point & shoot still cameras.

But to Pure Digital, that all may be beside the point. This camera is more expensive than the thicker, Flip Ultra, and clearly geared to a younger, fashion-conscious demographic. This is not your grandmother’s Flip.  That could be a good thing.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Flip has improved the audio on the Mino.  That could make all the difference for me, as this device still has some very real advantages over a cellphone camera.

adminThe Flip gets a makeover
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