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posted by Hanson Hosein

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been hearing a lot about how busy people are beginning to give up on e-mail, to the point of declaring “e-mail bankruptcy.” I’ve been on the verge of doing so myself, though I’ve done little to help my situation: with poor e-mail management skills, and a propensity to return e-mail quickly (the more you respond, the more you get).

So I liked reading about IBM’s “Social Computing Evangelist’s” approach to dropping e-mail altogether and relying more on social media tools.

While in New Orleans this past week wrapping up shooting of my documentary “Rising from Ruins,” I had very little time to attend to e-mail (despite being permanently attached to my Nokia E61i’s Blackberry service). But I was happy to let people know what I was doing on a regular basis via my Twitter feed through my phone, which also automatically updates my Facebook status, as well as the production blog for my film. I even tweeted while out on the Gulf Coast in a shrimping boat. I figured if anyone really needed to reach me, they’d do something very old school like pick up the phone. Or direct message me via Twitter…

Here’s my complete NOLA Twitter feed.

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