Our Local Boys Propel the Pickens Plan

Friends of the MCDM program, YourRevolution are the social media engineers behind oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens’ declaration of energy independence today.  The Pickens Plan aims to lobby congress through social networking to wean America off of foreign oil, primarily through wind power and natural gas.

Despite this social networking push, I just got word from Twitter (I’m following the Pickens Plan), that T. Boone will be on the O’Reilly Factor tonight on Fox News.  He even admits to not quite understanding how all this digital media stuff works.  But with Joey, Brett and the rest of the gang at YourRevolution running the show, I suspect he’ll get the online masses he’s seeking (they’re using a strategy of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and a customized network on Ning).

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adminOur Local Boys Propel the Pickens Plan
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