Your Medium is Dying Etc..

No Simpsons clip is more Flip The Media-friendly than this one.  I’ve seen this instant meme countless times online, but only caught the episode recently during a quick lunch break while editing my film, Rising from Ruins.  Desperately needing to disconnect, I connected to Hulu and tuned into the Simpsons channel (aside: there’s a happy possibility that Hulu will soon come to PS3 and Xbox, and hence your TV).

“Your medium is dying” also came to mind today when the UW’s University Week announced that its latest issue will also be its last physical specimen (i.e. going “paperless”).  Well it’s not too much doom-and-gloom as its editor did declare that its online edition allows for more interactive opportunities, not to mention for more classifieds.

But she (as ironically, do I, given my focus at the MCDM), laments the passing of the “dead tree” version of the paper, no longer having a tangible product to “hold.”  I’m just grateful that University Week published an article about Rising from Ruins in its last paper edition of University Week.  I’m running out now to pick up a hard copy for my collection!

How many of you out there are still reading “print” media?  Despite having online access to most of the content I want to consume, I still subscribe to dead tree versions of the Seattle Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The New Yorker and Wired.  Oddly enough, I rarely watch TV news.  Talking about my generation perhaps?

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adminYour Medium is Dying Etc..
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