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Caught this interesting post by a journalism junior at NYU:

I was hoping that NYU would offer more classes where I could understand the importance of digital media, what it means, how to adapt to the new way of reporting, and learn from a professor who understands not only where the Internet is, but where it’s going.

Other than the somewhat humorous comment that she considers herself an “early adopter” (because she blogs, uses social media etc. in 2008), I thought her thoughts above on her ideal education, are precisely what we aim for in the MCDM.  What is digital media?  What kind of impact does it have on communication?  Why?  And how do we leverage it for our specific purposes?

Obviously, as a Master of Communication in Digital Media program we’re not educating journalists.  But I firmly believe that journalism programs need to think more like the MCDM and train communicators with an entrepreneurial bent to “selling their message” — whether it’s a one of journalism, marketing, public relations, advocacy or entertainment.

I also recommend that you read the comments that follow her post.

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