Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

Yes, I was perplexed by the first Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates ad, which compounded a popularly-held feeling that Microsoft is truly out of touch.

However, after watching the second one (in the viewer above), I realize two things:

(1) I was entertained (in a Seinfeldian kind of way).

(2) I understand this goes to the “value added” element we’ve been arguing for in the MCDM program.  That with the ability to completely avoid advertising, you have to give folks a reason to consume the ad.  Like it or not, people will talk and share this video.  It humanizes Bill.  It gets attention.  Ergo, I believe, it works.  And it’s shot here in Seattle.

So nice going on a variety of levels: multimedia storytelling, online advertising, and possibly, viral marketing.

Of course, I have yet to try Vista.

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adminNot That There’s Anything Wrong With That
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