My Guilty Pleasure

Posted by Hanson Hosein

Welcome to the newly redesigned Flip The Media blog.  In conjunction with our new program website, expanded curriculum and growing student body, we’re hoping to present a clear, provocative voice for this Communication “Revolution” (or as we like to say, the “flipping” of the media).  Thanks to the UW’s Nick Myers for his amazing coding, and to Adriana Gil Miner for managing the project.

So after my last public crash-and-burn by declaring my love for the most recent Seinfeld/Gates video — only to see Microsoft pull the campaign — I’ll put my credibility on the line again (we all have to stand for something!).

I proclaim my affection for the Fred Channel on YouTube.

I found him a few months back during a fit of procrastination, seeking out the “Most Watched” videos on the site.  I loved his hyperactive, high-pitched antics.  He’s compelling low-fi in a high-def world.

Thanks to Fred’s online popularity, 20th Century Fox has hired its 14-year old creator to pimp for its new film “City of Ember.”  It’s amazing how this teenager has already created a lucrative career for himself through the exploitation of amateur technology, a free distribution tool — and millions of adoring fans.  However I must admit to finding him a little less compelling now that he’s hit it big with these cross-promotions…

This plays in nicely with Chad Hurley predicting that online video will be the most ubiquitous form of communication in the next ten years. And although I do agree with my colleague Kathy Gill in her post about how much more “efficient’ text is (I truly can’t stand the rigid “linearity” of video players, and I’m a video producer!), it’s hard not to believe that the value of the written word will continue to recede particularly with the “digital native” generation.

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