Flip The Media Editor Endorses Obama

I like to keep a politically neutral stance in public, despite my historic “cowboy conservatism.”  And as a Canadian, I can’t even vote in next week’s election.  However, as MCDM Director, and social media/storytelling Proponent-in-Chief, I agree with FTM’s own Adriana Gil Miner (another non-citizen for now) that all that we cherish here will thrive, or potentially dive depending on Barack Obama’s fortunes next Tuesday.

He’s Advertising Age’s “Marketer of the Year,” who has run a remarkable social media campaign.  Obama’s bottom-up fundraising campaign (thanks largely to mybarackobama.com) potentially upends the balance of power to which we have become so accustomed (lobbyists + big donors + TV ads).

As we always like to point out in the MCDM, no social media offensive can truly succeed without a well-oiled organization, backing up the digital with boots-on-the-ground.  And we know that “community organizing” may be Obama’s greatest strength as a manager.

So politics aside, social media at the forefront, we endorse Barack Obama as America’s first social media President.  “Spread the wealth (of networks)!”

[Note: MCDM faculty — and politics expert — Kathy Gill, remains officially neutral, especially as she’ll be an on-air analyst throughout Northwest Cable News’s election coverage.]
adminFlip The Media Editor Endorses Obama
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