Crowdsourcing: Name the New MCDM Center!

Jeff Howe’s new Crowdsourcing book reminded me how, in 1714, the British Royal Navy offered a 10,000 pound prize to the first person to figure out how to measure longitude.  This previously intractable problem was solved by a clockmaker.

So I’d like to announce our MCDM Nomenclature Prize: name the new MCDM center and win a Flip camera (as well as the great honor of helping us establish the heart of the Pacific Northwest’s digital media community).

Anyone, from anywhere is eligible.  The winner will be decided by a panel of MCDM’ers.  Post your submission as a comment to this blog.

Here’s how I described the center-to-be’s mission to our External Board of Advisors yesterday:

The Center develops best practices and research through strategic partnerships in order to facilitate viable communication platforms in a networked, interactive world.

1. The Center will serve as a laboratory for direct partnerships with companies and organizations that wish to “incubate” their innovations — forming independent research teams with MCDM students.

2. The Center will act as a hub for the digital media community in the Puget Sound region — sponsoring events and lectures that help clarify how we can express ourselves through technology.

I presently have a “3M” focus for the Center: effective, viable communication Models, measuring that effectiveness through appropriate Metrics, exploring how to sustain these models through Monetization.

We want it to be as short, sweet, and memorable as “Media Lab” (already taken by MIT).  My current favorite: “The UW Media Innovation Center” (or the MIC).  But I think we/you can do better…

adminCrowdsourcing: Name the New MCDM Center!
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