The Death of Story? Not in My Class.

Loved this tongue in cheek article in the latest issue of Wired:

The film industry is slowly but steadily being forced to part with quaint artifacts like the “hero’s journey…”

Of course in my Storytelling & Digital Media class, we meet Joseph Campbell and Aristotle head-on, cos’ you need to know the “rules” before you can break them.  Many of my students reached for the stars with our latest exercise: shoot a 2-minute film with a beginning, middle and end (Aristotle), doing only in-camera edits.

Here is just some of our work (all of our films are up on our class social networking site,

The idea of shooting a 2-minute film without editing it later may sound like a simple exercise, but these films required considerable planning.

Nicole spent a lot of time storyboarding this, and then shot it with the video function on the new Canon 5d SLR camera.

Then there’s Matt’s edgy, “This Encounter is a Lie:”

I loved the fact that Jay filmed this with her Macbook’s webcam (good thing Seattle wasn’t living up to its rainy reputation that day):

To complete the relationship angst trifecta, here’s Margery’s “Waiting for Him” (we penalized her a bit for using copyrighted music, but I see that YouTube now provides an on-screen link to buy the song from iTunes):

Annie blew my mind with this interactive “analog” survey:

Update: I had to add Yen-Ching’s French cinema-comes-to-UW-campus film:

Want to see more of our work? Find more videos like this on MCDM Media Space

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