Private documentary screening “Rising from Ruins” Feb. 5

independentamericaFriends of the MCDM and members of the UW community are invited to attend a free screening of MCDM Director Hanson Hosein’s latest documentary film, “Independent America: Rising from Ruins.”  Hosein is showing the film as part of his “Storytelling and Multimedia” class.

The event: Thursday, February 5th 2009 6:00 p.m.

Communications 120, UW Campus

Open to friends of the MCDM and members of the UW community.

Three years after Hurricane Katrina’s onslaught, New Orleans is at a tipping point. Parts of the city still look like a war zone, the recovery further slowed by a bad economy and high energy prices.

Some neighborhoods remain half-populated, former residents scared away by a lack of essential services – particularly retail. As “The Shock Doctrine” author Naomi Klein told us, “New Orleans is still being destroyed.”

However, even as chain retailers are reluctant to return to the city in the aftermath of the storm, independent Mom & Pop stores immediately stepped into breach. “Independent America: Rising from Ruins” is the inspirational story of the small businesses that have risked everything to resurrect their neighborhoods.

From the city’s top chef (and former marine) who manned a soup kitchen, to the hardware store owner who kept looters at bay to provide vital supplies, this documentary shows how neighborhood Mom & Pops are crucial to community vitality – especially during times of disaster.

pelcdvPrivate documentary screening “Rising from Ruins” Feb. 5
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