Pocketmedia Film Festival open to UW community

Are you out to change the world, go hang gliding, study ducks, fight for social justice, or just hang out? Can you tell the story in 90 seconds?

Shoot your engaging, exciting story in a video using a camera that fits in your pocket. Upload it to Zooppa, vote and comment on other videos, and compete for wonderful prizes. The videos will be judged by the quality and the originality of the content. There will be prizes for winners of the community voting as well as prizes assigned by a select jury

The UW Pocketmedia Film Festival is free and open to all UW faculty, staff, students and alumni. Submit your film between April 17 and May 13. Winners will be screened at the MCDM-sponsored final celebration the evening of May 28, HUB 106B.

pelcdvPocketmedia Film Festival open to UW community
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