Twitter & Skype classroom coverage of Paul Gillin

We’re big fans of New Influencers/Secrets of Social Media Marketing author Paul Gillin here in the MCDM.  So we’re pleased to present his Skype Chat in my COM 581 Social Production and Digital Distribution class.

I’ve also received a bit of attention recently (“Plugged In: UW is Tweeting Its Way Into a New Social Media Ecosystem”) on my encouraging students to distract themselves with open laptops and Twitter while in class.  Here’s how we use hashtag conversations such as #mcdm581 to enhance the in-class conversation while Gillin was chatting with us:

harryhay We’re all going to ride the term social media expert for the next few years!

coreybgil crowdsourcing ideas via social media is great for b-storming & new products/enhancements, but still dev value in R&D

chengtracey negative voices are inevitable and can work as a positive thing.. Should be accepted as a part of business

SunaG Based on my niece & nephew’s FB wall-posts , I can’t agree with Gillin’s assertion that teens lik FB is b/c of privacy

markshea Paul Gillin’s blog =

nicolepairlee UMASS Dr. Barnes: the highest adoption for social media is among nonprofits @pgillin

chengtracey nonprofits take more use to social media because of simple budget issues..

matthewstringer With all due respect to Mr. Gillin, I don’t think he’s seen MySpace lately… ever? MySpace is teenage public broadcasting.

SunaG Teens not into Twitter. Great app for b-to-b really

nicolepairlee “teenagers dis tweeter and thinks it’s for old people” @pgillin

peichieh Don’t try to use FB or Twitter for B to B marketing. Use Blogs or podcasts.

markshea I still want to know more about Metz’s concept of Return on Participation (ROP). Is it a better measure in digital media?

SunaG All of the organizations he named as businesses that are the new media are kinda niche media players tho’

peterlux Even if ROI is debatable, can you afford to be absent? What’s the branding cost of seeming out of touch and out of date?

harryhay What’s your ROI? brand value, new customers, online orders, the web can measure a lot – decide what matters and don’t wait!

markshea #mcdm581 #uwmcdm It could be argued that social media lives at both political poles, communist and democratic…perhaps the best of both.

rebekahj To determine ROI, have to know what is important to the org: downloads, tweets, mainstream media mention, etc.

hpitlick lack of trust? power to the people? Social media really is communism!

harryhay Creating trust in reporting/journalism – hyperlocal or hyperfocused – starting with a small, dedicated audience – earned over time

chengtracey who is to decide who is trustworthy?

markshea #uwmcdm #mcdm581 Certain companies can survive, thrive and succeed as trusted authority.

SunaG Can biz, org, individuals become the trusted source of media?

coreybgil Gillin: Would like to see businesses emerge as trusted sources.

markshea #uwmcdm #mcdm581 Mainstream media…old BIG media will down size in the range of 85-90% if they hope to continue competing, Paul Gillin says

rebekahj Gillin says “trad media will have to downsize and shift their operations 180 degrees to be successful.”

chengtracey during recession is the best time to see how businesses do their business

rebekahj Can traditional media survive with social media tools? Question to Paul Gillin

SunaG Skype session w/ auth Paul Gillin -Secrets of Social Media Mktg &The New INfluencers. He’s a bit low-res (on screen, not content)

markshea #mcdm581 #uwmcdm Paul Gillin references

peichieh citation from mainstream media on Susna Boyle’s wiki page

markshea #mcdm581 Anybody who can speak, will speak. This is the great global change that has come with the Internet says Paull Gillin.

nicolepairlee getting input [tweets] from your students while you’re teaching, a new phenom @pgillin

rebekahj Listening to Paul Gillin -Secrets of Social Media Marketing!

adminTwitter & Skype classroom coverage of Paul Gillin
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