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As a new addition to the MCDM family, I’d like to introduce myself by posting a story regarding my recent travels to South Africa. Looking forward to many great happenings as the Associate Director of the MCDM.

Scott Macklin participated in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Diversity Conference – BREAKING BOUNDARIES, EMBRACING DIFFERENCES in August. Featured in the week of events included a screeing of his film, “Masizakhe: Building Each Other” and follow up panel discussions. This was the film’s homecoming.

“Masizakhe: Building Each Other” from Scott Macklin on Vimeo.

“Masizakhe: Building Each Other” directed by Scott and Angelica Macklin is a feature-length documentary that focuses on the role that a new generation of activists are playing in shaping the future of South African society. Much of this work revolves around building community through art, music, hip-hop, and spoken word. The Eastern Cape city of Port Elizabeth is home to a group of dynamic young artists dedicated to the upliftment of their community through cultural activism. The film explores the collective identity of these activists through their diverse initiatives.

Derrick Swartz, Vice-Chancellor & CEO of NMMU, had this to say about the film, “What a breath of fresh air! Scott and Angelica Macklin’s remarkable film strips off the perilously thin veneer of the so-called post-apartheid ‘miracle’ to reveal not only immense social degradation of black townships, in many ways untouched by shifts in political power since 1994; but it also shows a new generation of courageous young voices fighting back against the ‘internalization of hopelessness’, reclaiming social spaces and indeed memory, in telling their own stories of hope, solidarity, and social emancipation with such breathtaking eloquence. It would be hard not to be both moved and disturbed by this film’.”

Check out the introductory comments and post-screening discussion.

And the new Dean of Education, Denise Zinn, added, “It was my privilege to attend this moving and inspiring screening. I especially enjoyed the interaction with the group before and afterwards, and felt honoured to talk with so many of the actual participants in the film. It made me long for my time back in the 70’s and 80’s as a high school teacher and community worker/activist. As I said at the meeting, this new generation of artists/activists gives me hope for our future!”

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