“Sondella Sessions”

A variety of different types of video formats were used in putting this piece together.

“Sondella” is a Xhosa word which means “come closer”. The footage was shot with a:

Panasonic GH1 Digital SLR micro 4/3’s sensor @ 1080/24p – AVCHD
Nikon D90 Digital SLR @ 720p M-JPEG
Panasonic DVX-200 Standard Definition 720/24p

The piece was edited together using Final Cut Pro 7 with a wee bit of color grading using Color and a sprinkle of optical flow filter using Motion.

Let me know if you can name which part was shot with what camera.

Through the use of digital media and social software artists performing in Seattle and South Africa are be-coming closer. This web-based offering is but a first step…for when these artists are able to actually be in the same time zone, zip code, and space they will manifest a movement that amasses major moves that matter.

admin“Sondella Sessions”
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