TEDxSeattle: Introduction by Hanson Hosein

Hanson Hosein and Bryce Seidl kick off TEDxSeattle, hosted at the Seattle Pacific Science Center, with an introduction to the “Entrepreneurship, Engagement, and Empathy” theme of the series.

This region’s ability to lead from technology to media, from music to even chocolate is undeniably powerful. Increasingly, the Seattle area is seen as a nexus for philanthropy, development and global health. Our independently-minded, engaged citizens make all of this possible. Thanks to today’s speakers, the University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media program seeks to explore these unique qualities, indicative of our three essential “E’s”: entrepreneurship, engagement, and empathy. Through all of you, we convene our community and connect to each other with the power of story and technology.


Ilona IdlisTEDxSeattle: Introduction by Hanson Hosein
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