Going Epic regarding the Future We Make

MCDM Director Hanson Hosein and MCDM Associate Director Anita Verna Crofts along with some help from William H. Gates Sr. kicked off the Seattle hosting of the TEDxChange event “The Future We Make” convened by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Hanson started the morning with some inspiring epic words introducing the MCDM idea to create a signature Seattle event called “Four Peaks” highlighting the magnificent activities of our region regarding: Innovation, Community, Entrepreneurship, and Entertainment. Anita followed with a short and powerful talk  “Transforming the Transaction: Food for Thought on Partnerships that Change the World.” Bill Sr. then introduced Melinda Gates who was in New York to begin the world-wide web cast of TEDxChange “The Future we Make.” TEDxChange marks the anniversary of the Millennium Development Goals: Ten years in, where does the global community stand in the work to save and improve lives around the world? And what does the future hold?   We heard from the Gates Foundation that, “Bill Sr. was beaming with pride both over his love of the Huskies, and the amazing work of his daughter-in-law.”

adminGoing Epic regarding the Future We Make
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