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Our program’s unique focus on storytelling and social media has inspired a lot of interest among companies and non-profits alike.  Over the last few years, we’ve struck partnerships with those organizations, to engage them as “clients” in our various classes and create implementable real-world solutions in collaboration with them.  We call it “community scholarship.”

We just wrapped up an incredible quarter of community scholarship in our required “Strategic Research and Business Practices” course (this class is co-taught by Dr. Malcolm Parks and me).  I’d like to share the multimedia proposals that our student teams created for our clients.  Probably our greatest challenge was doing business with the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Climate Change” program — especially since they’re based in Washington DC.  The embedded video above, as well as the one below, is testimony to the diversity of thought that our professionally-minded students bring to the task-at-hand.  They’re all worth watching, so I’ve also posted the links from our other teams’ client work  (including Birdnote, The New Hive, the Woodland Park Zoo, and the Pacific Science Center).

We deliberately gave no guidance to our students on how to create these videos — indeed, many of them had never done anything of the kind before.  Their only directive: 5-10 minutes, self-contained with enough production value to convey the essence of their proposal in a non-distracting way.  And if an 8 year-old can make a YouTube video, so can they.  They certainly can — and they did!  Even better, we spared ourselves the drudgery of back-to-back Powerpoint presentations.


Group 3 video




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