Seattle Arts & Lectures Series: Storyteller Uprising

In partnership with Seattle Arts & Lectures, the MCDM program Director, Hanson Hosein, kicked off the series with an overview of how the Master of Communication in Digital Media program is uniquely situated at the center of a vibrant conversation about digital media and our world’s communication ecosystem. Viewed either as a blessing or a curse, it requires a need to re-learn how to persuasively communicate in our “noisy” digital age.  This means staying cutting edge and building in mechanisms to create trust through stories and measure success through digital engagement.

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The purpose of the five-part lecture series is to provide the latest snapshot of what we think matters most now in communication and technology.  Storyteller Uprising is about how the decline of traditional journalism has led to an increased need for trusted information. This presents a huge opportunity to individuals, communities, companies and organizations. They can fill that void by telling their own multimedia stories, building their own channels, thereby serving as trusted sources in their own right. According to Hosein, that’s the “uprising” — people seizing control of communication by building ongoing credible connection through story and digital technology.

Aligning action with his words, Hosein offered a takeaway to the attendees of the event and his Twitter followers:  a free electronic version of his new book, Storyteller Uprising: Trust and Persuasion in the Digital Age.  Hosein has offered his “manifesto” out to the community to provide the latest snapshot of what he thinks matters most now in communication and technology: trust and engagement.  This offering is also available on Kindle for $2.99.

The SALu series continues in two weeks (February 23) when Department of Communication Chair, David Domke presents on generational changes and citizen engagement.

On March 9th, MCDM law professor Kraig Baker will present the latest on legal structures governing free expression, intellectual property, and privacy and how these are all changing in the age of digital and social media.

On March 23rd, MCDM Associate Director Scott Macklin will build upon the notion of story and explain how communities are at the heart of that crucial activity, based on his own groundbreaking filmwork and specific digital storytelling examples that convene community and give it voice.

And Anita Verna Crofts, who’s also an MCDM Associate Director, will conclude the series on April 6th by going global and looking at digital media, metrics and emerging markets — where some of the most developments are occurring in our field.

Storyteller Uprising will give you a broad perspective on the changes to our communication ecosystem, as well as update you on some of the latest best practices to connect, persuade and inspire in the 21st century.

All lectures will be held from 7:30 – 9:00 in Kane Hall 210. Tickets and information:

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