Podcast| “You Posted What on Facebook?” by Kraig Baker

MCDM and the Seattle Arts and Lecture series teamed up for five vibrant conversations about digital media and our world’s communication ecosystem.

Kraig Baker, an adjunct professor in the Comm Lead program, presented “You Posted What on Facebook? Identifying and Managing Legal Risks in Social Media.”

This was his focus: “Understanding the legal risks associated with new media or platforms is difficult under the best circumstances. Inevitably, some organizations or people are overcautious; others are overly free. Social media and digital media offers unparalleled access to creative tools, new art forms like mash-ups, almost frictionless distribution through social media platforms, and, as a result, they jumble many of the traditional legal approaches to media and technology. This lecture will cover the basic legal structures governing free expression, intellectual property, and privacy and how these are all changing in the age of digital and social media.”

Slides from the presentation: www.slideshare.net/mcdmpublic/baker-salu3

Ilona IdlisPodcast| “You Posted What on Facebook?” by Kraig Baker
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