MCDM Debuts the “Four Peaks Review”

We would proudly like to announce the public release of the inaugural issue of The Four Peaks Review, the official journal of the Four Peaks community. The initial limited release was announced at the 2011 MCDM Screen Summit, and now that the site has completed some templating and architecture adjustments, we would like to invite everyone to take some time and to explore the work done in the journal, which is really extraordinary.

You can read the current issue here.

We also hope that students, alumni and faculty will consider submissions for future issues. The Four Peaks Review will be published twice a year, in June and December. We are currently accepting submissions and inquiries for the December issue, which will contain a special theme section focusing on institutions being altered fundamentally by the rapid changes in the digital and social media ecosystem.

adminMCDM Debuts the “Four Peaks Review”
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