Goblin Blood? Stratego? Must be MCDM Game Night!

Intrepid MCDM game lovers have instituted a monthly gathering to celebrate their love of puzzle solving, dragon slaying and world conquering.  This now regular event was born out of the Spring 2011 section of Ken Rufo’s Gaming, Virtual Worlds and Communication seminar.

So far there have been two gatherings at Ballard’s labyrinthian (appropriate game-speak intended) Card Kingdom, which boasts several attractive rooms dedicated to games, models and gaming literature.  They even have a bar–with booze–although on this particular evening they were out of one of their signature potions, something called “Goblin’s Blood.”  They serve food, micro-brews, liquor and even mead, hazzah! They have several private rooms for groups to socialize in, play games, drink and have dinner or lunch.   They even have friendly game docents who go around and help groups of players navigate the complex rules of multi-player games.    You can play one of their publicly available selection of games or bring your own game to play.  Its family friendly and MCDM Game Night organizer Monique Priestly encourages people to bring family and friends to these regular gatherings.

See more photos from the most recent Game Night gathering below.

Card Kingdom leans heavily towards the more social aspects of  analog games, but the MCDM Game Night folks will be exploring all avenues of gaming, game culture and game technology both analog and digital in future events.  For more information you can check for regular postings of event on the MCDM Gang and Friends Facebook page

adminGoblin Blood? Stratego? Must be MCDM Game Night!
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