Live Streaming vs Needing to be Present: The Green Room Sessions of Kimya Dawson and dream hampton

Sometimes inserting technology and digital media into a conversation can alter the outcome in a negative way. Having bright lights and cameras inside of an intimate setting intrinsically alters the flow of the discussion. But often, the stories that are told in intimate settings deserve to live on if you can find the right balance.

Such was the case with deciding whether to film last week’s heavy-hearted conversation between Olympia-based singer songwriter Kimya Dawson and Detroit-based writer, and filmmaker dream hampton. Both are highly analog individuals with strong presences online. They have an engrained understanding of the need to switch between hyper-connectedness and simply turning everything off which created an important paradox for us. The natural inclination for many of us in the MCDM program is to capture stories with authenticity. Given that MCDM is now partnered with Michael Hebb’s salon style Night School events, filming portions of them are key for the story to live on, but having a camera running the entire time changes the nature of the events themselves.

Luckily, we found a happy balance. Below check out footage that Scott Macklin pieced together from the green room sessions of Kimya and dream laughing about motherhood as Kimya sings a personal ode to her five year old daughter. It’s precious and only a handful of us witnessed this in person. After that check out a full live stream of the green room session itself with nuggets of wisdom galore from both of these women.

As for the hour and a half long chat itself, things were just as raw and gut wrenching as people [didn’t] expect and appropriately, there’s no mega footage to show. Sticking to live streaming the green room sessions only was the right balance of digital tech vs needing to be present. Big thanks to the folks at Big Time Hype for their ability to make this happen and the folks at The Stranger for hosting everything. Media collaborations are where it’s at folks.

adminLive Streaming vs Needing to be Present: The Green Room Sessions of Kimya Dawson and dream hampton
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