Flip the Media Goes to SXSW Interactive

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South by Southwest Interactive


Flip the Media is heading off to Austin, Texas this week for the SXSW interactive festival and oh… what a trip it’s shapin’ up to be.

Six students from the MCDM program are setting out on the road for a vagabond adventure fit for Jack Kerouac. It took awhile to get the final team assembled, but you can trust we’ve got the right balance of rowdy techies, artists, musicians, technologists, and geeks (like me) to make a five day interactive event a worthwhile adventure.

So how did this whole random adventure begin? Social media and Facebook of course; how else would a random road-trip start in a digital media program. For a better perspective on how this trip came about we need to go back a few weeks to a Flip the Media Blog meeting where co-editor Jonathan Cunningham posted the question on Facebook “Who is going to SXSW in Austin this year?” Two minutes later a thread began and the rest is history.

Seeing as there were only four weeks until SXSW interactive kicked-off we had to act fast, there were no hotel rooms left, lots of details to sort out, and some people to convince. With every hotel booked in Austin we decided there was only one-way to roll; RV road-trip anyone? We wanted to rent an RV in Seattle and drive down telling stories along the way but there was a hitch in this plan, finals week.

Hmmm-dastardly dubious finals!

SXSW falls directly between our last week of school and finals week. So we decided to be good students and only miss a few classes by flying into Houston, Texas. Rent the last thirty-foot Cruise America RV in town, hit Costco and drive off into the sunset to Austin.

Photo by Matthew Whitehead

Of course we still have no place to park the RV once we get there but we’re not worried, we have social media and a vast network of strong supportive ties. We may be working professionals in the Communications and media field (were certainly going to play the student card though) but were also students of digital media, entrepreneurship, story-telling, community, and innovation otherwise known as the Four Peaks of the MCDM.

Our mission is to head out on the road and report all about the conference and experience using the Four Peaks as our guide, wrapping this unique opportunity and narrative to raise student-support and community support for scholarships to fund future innovative and entrepreneurial ideas like this one. So what were saying is, as long as we don’t screw this up, their even cooler and better opportunities in the future. That’s some hefty weight on our shoulders. Not to worry though, we feel pretty confident in our party-crashing skills I mean story-telling and networking skills.

What’s in store for the next week? Good question, we have no idea, but we’ll try our best to represent the MCDM program, make connections, instigate, boost awareness, and use social and digital media to disseminate information back to our Northwest tech community and enclave. So we could still use some help support for our journey and students. We need help spreading the word, information, and content we create through tweets, retweets, Facebook shares and likes, and blog comments. Suggestions of places to go, money, things to do and people to interview, place to stay, food, coffee, and most importantly knowledge. What we can give you, shameless promotion or evangelizing for your cause, company or product. And access to a tremendously strong network of stellar communications and digital media rock-stars, not to mention the heart-warming feeling of supporting students.

It’s going to be a phenomenal and exciting trip and will take a community to pull off? Will you be a part of our community and help us?

Follow us along the way with our Google Map:

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