HackingEdu: “Learning Improv”

The Seattle Chamber in collaboration with MCDM is excited to conclude the exciting month of public conversation with the Hacking Edu “Big Idea” Happy Hour at Jet City Improv in the University District. Our keynote speaker, Erika Wagner from the X Prize Foundation, which incentivizes inventors to solve grand challenges such as space flight, medical diagnostics and oil spill cleanup. Wagner and members of the Hacking Edu Advisory Roundtable, which will consider the best “hacks” that our student team have curated over the past few weeks. They will select the idea that has the most merit, to be implemented over the following 12 months.

Full story: flipthemedia.com/2012/04/hacking-edu-finale-tonight-at-jet-city-improv-how-deep-is-the-crisis-facing-higher-ed/

Ilona IdlisHackingEdu: “Learning Improv”
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