MCDM in Mexico – Content, Action and Anyscreen

Through the Digital Creative City Initiative the city of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, Mexico is poised to become a global digital media hub. Known for its world-class tequila and mariachi music, the state also boasts that it is the largest tech cluster in the country with the creation and acceleration of over 600 Mexican IT companies. Guadalajara is also host to over 20 universities including the Tecnológico de Monterrey known for its Engineering, Applied Sciences and Business programs. Leadership and Faculty at the Tecnológico de Monterrey sought out the MCDM to help them re-imagine their curriculum and shift their scholarly practice through an infusion and coupling of new content creation, communication, and social media strategies with their existing engineering and entrepreneurship concentrations.

Brooke Shepard and Scott Mackin designed, developed and delivered an intensive 40-hour session at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. Participants in the session included faculty and staff from a range of disciplines, including: Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Cultural Studies, Media Production, Political Communications, and International Relations. The  work focused on putting new communications strategies and tools into action. Participants joined the Anyscreen Agency in order to understand and build an effective engagement campaign from start to finish employing any screen of their choice.

Professor Dr. Diego Zavala Scherer had this to say about the sessions,

“The workshops Content & Action and Anyscreen Agency showed me things I knew, in a different way. I loved the re-framing of digital storytelling in the Mexican context, and the flexibility to adapt to everyone´s project. But the most important thing was the constant reminding of the need to articulate this kind of efforts with our own community. In that sense, I think Brooke and Scott did a great job, even though they don´t experience everyday life in our institution. Their approach was respectful, clear and passionate. That was the difference.”

Daniel Pandza, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation added,

“Your discipline of communication and our discipline in the field of business innovations can really enrich each other and compliment each other in order to drive innovation projects and bring them to a new level.”

Agency activities included analyzing consumer behavior specific to individual devices (Tablets, smartphones, PCs, Smart TVs and more) and their related services (ranging from Facebook to Foursquare), discovering new opportunities to engage via multiple screens, and planning effective uses of storytelling for each medium. Participants were asked to deliver a creative brief and a digital story representing their action idea.  Projects included: developing a hub for political deliberation; creating a digital story regarding research on literacy impacts of graphics novels; designing a strategy to better communicate with students, and producing profiles of students graduating with the Innovation Certificate including the “Life Account” project which won the global I-Prize Innovation Competition, sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.



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