Go Behind-the-Scenes with Four Peaks TV for “Teach Hanson”

 Article by Ashley-Rose O’Mara, Jordan Slaymaker and Tanner Taylor

For the 2012-2013 season of Four Peaks TV the name of the game has been increasing audience engagement. This fall Scott Macklin, Executive Producer of Four Peaks TV and Associate Director of the MCDM, spearheaded a year-long Production Studio course to facilitate further student involvement in the making and promotion of the show. You can learn more about this season’s Four Peaks TV strategy in Scott’s FTM blog post.

In addition to UWTV, episodes of Four Peaks TV began airing on Northwest Cable News on Saturdays at 4 p.m. and on Sundays at 9 p.m. This new partnership inspired the team to leverage the larger audience and presence NWCN brings.

In each episode host Hanson Hosein has a conversation with an Innovator, Entrepreneur, Creative and/or Connector (the four pillars of Four Peaks) who has effectively harnessed pieces of today’s digital transformation to bring success to their discipline. This season we’re also ending each show with a “Teach Hanson” segment, where Hanson learns a skill from the featured guest like learning a new chord on the guitar, perfecting basketball dribbling or making a comic book.

According to Scott, “It is our belief in the MCDM that all organizations always need to be in a learning mode. By flipping the script so that Hanson is learning something new, we’re hopefully modeling the way for others. Even someone like Hanson can learn a thing or two.”

To promote the show and test out some screen strategies, Production Studio students shot and edited short behind-the-scenes clips like the one you see above to use on Four Peaks TV’s social media channels like Facebook and Twitter in an effort to continue the show’s dialogue online.

So why did we go behind-the-scenes?

A behind-the-scenes account gives viewers a chance to discover the activities and processes that go into creating a show, and more specifically the Jane Park episode. This preview provides a sneak peak of the show by following the Four Peaks TV crew, host (Hanson Hosein) and guest (Jane Park) as they prepare for the shoot.

In addition, the behind-the-scenes clip gives the audience the opportunity to meet other key players behind Four Peaks TV. Narrated by Ashley-Rose O’Mara, Associate Producer, viewers get to see the filming that happens on location.

To prepare for this project our Production Studio team created an action-idea and researched popular behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube. Drawing inspiration from the making of an Old Spice commercial and a behind-the-scenes feature from REI on their “Expert Advice” videos, we were able to envision what the final piece could look like.

Check out our Behind-The-Scenes with Julep video above or on YouTube. Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback as well – we love hearing from our Flip The Media readers!

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