Coming Up- News from the Flip the Media Team

We don’t do this often here at Flip, but with so many great things coming up we thought we would take a moment to give our readers a sneak peek into the future. There are some big things on the horizon to be excited about.

Not able to make it to in-nw 2013 yesterday? We had lots of Flip the Media staff there and you can expect to see some great posts on just what you missed. From a crowd sourced song to tips from the communication pros of Seattle the best of  it will be here on Flip.

Recently, the FtM editor team visited a UW undergraduate journalism class to start a collaborative effort with some very enthusiastic undergraduate journalists in training. In the coming weeks you will be able to read the articles that these students have written on technology, social change, culture and more. It should be great to read what these fresh new voices come up with to share with us.

The biggest news is the Flip the Media SXSW Interactive team! Not only does MCDM have a student on a panel about the future of crisis communications with a faculty member as the moderator but Flip is sending a team to cover SXSWi, bringing the coverage of this amazing conference to you. From March 8-12 you will see their coverage here on the blog, as well as on our Twitter feed and Facebook page. We will be covering the panels, the new technology, the parties, the SXSW Gaming Expo, you name it Flip is your place to follow SXSWi.

We at Flip are pretty excited about the coming month and hope that you are too!

adminComing Up- News from the Flip the Media Team
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