SXSW Wrap-up Day 1



Flip the Media will post a wrap-up after each day of South by Southwest Interactive with notes and images on how the day went from the vantage points of each member of our team.

Carolyn Higgins attended two sessions on Day 1 – the Keynote with Bre Pettis of Makerbot, and Ninjaneering: Where Fine Art meets High Tech.  She noted that there was a common theme between both panels: lightning-fast advances in technology and the merging of design and engineering are giving us new ways to solve problems and forcing us to create new structures for how we work and interact.

Daimon Eklund writes, “The Austin sky was had a distinct Seattle flavor on the opening day of SXSW, as a light, misting rain fell for much of the day. It didn’t present much of a problem, and at least one company took advantage by handing out branded, bright orange ponchos to SXSW attendees outside the Austin Convention Center.”  Also noted was the unexpected orderliness of the (non-existent) conference registration lines.  Check-in took less than 10 minutes.  Even well-attended panels throughout the day lacked long waits to get in.

Bizzy Schorr attended the Consumerization of Revolution panel.  Her first day at SXSW taught her the importance of flexible communication platforms & coordinating those platforms with all key users.  However, the best platform is still face-to-face communication.

Patrick Doherty writes “Today was meant to be a full day of sessions here at SXSW Interactive – I made it to one. The OMMA set of panels looked like to was going to be great until they didn’t have enough  room – the line began forming at 8am apparently and was getting longer as I got there around 11. On top of that they changed the times and topics of the panels with out telling the folks at SXSW. So most of the people in the line were not standing in line for events that were no longer happening. Epic fail! The one panel I did make it to was on Gamification and Big Data for Enterprises. Nothing particularly insightful other than the possibility of using big data and gaming principles to help people predict what is the right steps to take in their career path in order to get that CEO job. If only it was that easy!”

Conrado Tapado notes that ‘serendipity’ and ‘logistics’ could easily be two words to describe the SXSW experience.  Today, while dashing off to a meeting, he had to think about different ways to get to his destination. Too expensive for a taxi, too far for a walk, and not on the SXSW shuttle route. Ultimately deciding on a Car2Go.  As he got in, he noticed a brand ambassador filling up the car with swag bags.  A friendly young lady named Grace offered him one. On a whim, he snapped her photo and asked if he could ask her a few questions for our blog.  She casually mentioned that their communications team would be a better contact. Within 30 mins, his phone rang. Within two hours, he was sitting down with the CTO, Corporate Communications Manager, and Communications Specialist for an exclusive interview. An incredible first day!

To follow all of the action from Flip the Media’s team at SXSW, you can follow the #ftmsx hashtag on Tagboard.


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