Gleeks Unplugged: Artie’s Worst Social Media Memory

Yesterday’s Glee cast interview with Jennifer Jolly yielded a mix of expected and unexpected revelations from Kevin McHale, who plays long-time Glee member Artie Abrams, and Melissa Benoist, who plays newcomer Marley Rose.  In the Roku Lounge in the Austin Convention Center, the actors chatted with Jolly about life as Glee kids, entertainment, and social media.

Melissa Benoist and Kevin McHale share a laugh during their Sunday interview at the Roku lounge at SXSW

Melissa Benoist and Kevin McHale share a laugh during their Sunday interview at the Roku lounge at SXSW

On their own musical careers: Music is a big part of McHale’s life outside of Glee.  What musical direction would he like to follow next?  McHale is a fan of Motown and Sam Cooke and would like to explore music in that style.

On being a member of the Glee cast:  Both agreed that the cast is a close-knit group.  “We end up spending more time with them than with our own families,” confided McHale.  “We don’t always see each other at our best,” added Benoist. McHale pointed out that most people aren’t at their best at a 6 a.m. shoot. “But we support each other,” he added.  “We get through it.”

On their most embarrassing technology moments? “I don’t know,” murmured Benoist.  McHale hooted with laughter.  “Oh yes you do!” he crowed.  He was open about his own memorable social media faux pas.  “I was texting someone about another person,” he confided.  That other person was someone with whom he wasn’t enjoying a happy relationship at the time.  “But instead of the person I meant to text, I texted to the person I was texting about,” he explained.  The relationship did not profit from the mis-text.

And what about the evil Sue Sylvester, sworn and unscrupulous foe of the Glee club, zealously played by Jane Lynch? “Those things she says,” marveled Jolly.  “Do the show’s writers write all of that, or does she make some of it up?”  They write all of it, answered Benoist and McHale.  “Does she go on tour with you?” asked Jolly.  “No,” responded McHale.  “But I wish she did!”

As for what the two Glee stars have been enjoying at SXSW: “I went to the Google playground and tried shoes that talk to you,” said McHale.  Another standout was the documentary “Good Ol’ Freda” –  Ryan White’s story about Freda Kelly, the secretary and friend of the Beatles.

But for McHale and Benoist, SXSW was drawing to a close.  “We have to work tomorrow,” sighed Benoist.

If you happen to be in Austin and want to check out “Good Ol’ Freda,” it’s playing again at the festival on Tuesday and Saturday nights.  Check the SXSW website for details.

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