Lets Get Physical: Shiny New Things at SXSW

I try the Telepathy One (Photo by Patrick Doherty)

I try the Telepathy One (Photo by Patrick Doherty)

So yesterday I took a wander through the SXSW trade exhibition. Here’s a couple of shiny new ideas and things that caught my attention both at the trade show and elsewhere. Hardware and ways to make the interent a more physical experience  seems to be coming of age. So in the words of ONJ – lets get physical:

Telepathy One

Launched here in prototype is the Telepathy One “wearable communication device”.  The silver piece of head gear, ably modeled by me in this photo holds a  camera, headphones and a micro projection display unit. It connects wirelessly with smartphones and tablets, allowing it to integrate with any number of applicants.
It wasn’t the most compelling experience – I found it a little hard to see the image fully as I couldn’t seem to get the protector in the right spot over my eye. But that might be because my eyes are in the wrong place or too close together or something. But it was interesting to try given the coming google glasses.

Zen Tunes

Zen Tunes by Patrick Doherty

Zen Tunes by Patrick Doherty

Necomimi by Patrick DohertyZen Tunes is an iPhone app that analyses the brainwaves and produces a music playlist based on wether the listeners is seeking to relax or focus.  I think you have to tag your playlist as either relaxing or focused.


From the same folks as Zen Tunes is Necomimi. For those with a feline fetish these cat eared style devices monitor your brainwaves and expresses your emotional state. If you are concentrating, the cat’s ear s rise and if you are relaxed, your new ears lie down. If you are concentrating and relaxing at the same time, your new ears will move up and down. I’m not quite sure this will work unless we all wearing the cats ears  and understand what they are telling us..

Seems it might be easier to just say how you are feeling.


Pulse – I like! Its an app that monitors your heartbeat when you put your finger over the camera light on your smartphone. It then takes your heartbeat and – in your preferred genre – creates music! Basically you can dance to your own heartbeat! You can also send your beats to, say a DJ, along with everybody else at the club you are getting your boogie on with and he or she can use everyones beats to mix a track. Here’s a little film about it shot entirely on Canon’s new C100 Camera – also featured at SXSW.

Leap Motion

Leap Motion was making a big fuss with its new gesture technology. It is software and hardware that provides  sensitive 3D motion-control and motion-sensing technology. The Leap Motion Controller, can track the movement of both hands and all 10 fingers up to 1/100th millimeter at up to 290 frames per second. They claim its up to 200 times more sensitive than existing motion-control technology, making it the first product to let users navigate and interact with natural hand and finger movements. It will be available early  May 2013.


3D printer by Patrick Doherty

3D printer by Patrick Doherty

3D printing is coming of age and Cubify is bring the creative, the social and the printing together. Cubify allows you to express yourself in 3D! Whether you’re looking to create something unique  by designing and printing your own creations from scratch  or you want to modify an existing 3D creation to your own individual specification Cubify can help. They  offer apps to  help you design and create your own masterpieces which you can then have made and shipped to you or you can buy your own 3D printer ($1299) and do it yourself at home.

So its time to make room in your stuff . Many of these are really first or second generation ideas – so the sleek killer evolutions are probably still on their way and a few – most likely the cat ears – will just disappear.



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