MCDM Program launches ‘Let’s Have Dinner and Talk about Death’ project


It sounds controversial, right? Well that’s kind of the point. The UW Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) program announced the official launch of Let’s Have Dinner and Talk about Death, “a project created to foster proactive and constructive conversations about end-of-life decisions,” bringing to the forefront a topic that is not frequently talked about.

The discussion takes place around an actual dinner table, while students and healthcare professionals eat an organic meal, sip on wine, and one more thing…talk about human life and death. The idea began with Michael Hebb, inaugural MCDM Teaching Fellow, and MCDM Associate Director Scott Macklin in their effort to “rethink the role the internet plays in embodied human experience.”

With only 25 percent of Americans dying at home when 70 percent say they would prefer to, and more than half of Medicare dollars being spent on the last two months of patients’ lives, Hebb said, “It is clear that sharing our preferences for what we’d like at the end of our life is the more important – and costly – conversation that Americans are not having.”

Check out their website (a full interactive version is being launched in the summer of 2013) and follow them on Twitter @deathoverdinner to stay updated on future developments. It has also just been announced that Hebb will speak about the program at TEDMED 2013 on April 18 in Washington, D.C.

pelcdvMCDM Program launches ‘Let’s Have Dinner and Talk about Death’ project
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