MCDM Connect: Be there!

Hi everyone–it’s been a long time since I’ve posted my last Viral Video! Since then, I’ve become a part of the MCDM Fellows, which is a pretty awesome group of alums who are charged with making the world a better place, filled with magical sparkly unicorns. (Well, actually, we’re charged with helping current students by giving skills workshops and acting as a liaison between the current students, faculty, and alumni. But that’s totally the same thing, right?)

Anyhoo, we are really excited about this weekend’s MCDM Connect event–the first of the Fellows’ party offerings to the newly-christened CommLead community. Wine World is the place to be on Saturday, where we’ll eat, drink, make merry, and–of course!–have a little digital fun. We want you all to come and meet new people and make new connections within the community.

We also want you to participate! It’s not hard, and we promise you’ll have fun. Have 5-10 minutes of passion or expertise on a topic? Give a Lightning Talk! Want to interact with a smallish group and actually delve into something that interests you? Sign up with an idea for a group discussion! We don’t want slides, grand presentations, or extensive coverage–what we want is people to come and interact with other people about aspects of digital media that they love–bring your topic, and we’ll give you the time and space to chat it up.

Click here for the RSVP link to the event.


So, fill out the form below, come to the party, and Connect with us. We’ll see you on Saturday!

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